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Vehicle Signage is a great marketing tool for the Maltese Islands. Whether a full car, van, truck wrap or a small magnet for your door or car window space used for your company information – they are all great methods of keeping your company name in front of current and potential customers. If you are driving or have your vehicle parked in a popular spot, your advertising is hard at work as others drive or walk by.

A vehicle wrap can generate from 3,000 to 30,000 impressions a day on the Maltese Island.

– 91% notice words and images on fleet vehicles

– 29% WOULD base a buying decision on fleet impressions

– 97% remember ads placed on fleets vs.19% for billboards

– 98% feel fleet ads create a positive image of advertiser

Source: Media Life Magazine “Delivering brand by the truck loads”


When it comes to vehicle signage we can help you with the design & layout so that using our quality materials, you can have signage that stands out and lasts a long-time.

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