Glasses, Plates

Glasses, Plates2019-02-15T11:28:18+00:00

No one can say that a gift made out of glass is not special. Looking and touching a glass gift tells us to be very careful. The same applies to plates.

These types of gifts are popular because of their precious material and flexibility to engrave on them as well as many design options. Glass as well as ceramic are fragile yet design wise they are quite flexible, and this applies to bulk orders as well as small ones.

Apart from engraving on these materials, screen printing is also very popular due to the fact that we can apply specific inks to apply to either glass or ceramic. Along with the custom inks, specialised applications or pre-treatments help make the print last.

The choice of glass and ceramic items is vast yet popular glass items due to their quantity consist of beer, wine, champagne, cocktail, jugs, coffee, wine, wedding anniversary and party glasses in various shapes and sizes. All these items can be personalised with either ink or engraving to help celebrate any occasion.

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